The Samurai CIPP/E Success

With the news of a public health crisis due to COVID-19 (in January), Samurai decided to work from home in order to limit any unnecessary contact. I, myself, was supposed to be travelling the wonderful terrain of New Zealand, however that aside, I get to write about a bit of good news in Samurai’s team, […]

HTTP vs. HTTPS: From the Outside, Looking In

This blog will cover the baseline for an understanding of HTTP and HTTPS. It will attempt to go as in-depth as possible, but I will most likely leave the more technical and complex things to our specialists as they will be able to explain in further detail. What is HTTP? HTTP (or Hyper Text Transfer […]

Network Segmentation and Host Isolation

Network segmentation is when you separate different network devices (PCs, printers and other network-enabled devices) from one large local area network (LAN). The separated groups are called Virtual LANs or VLANs. This is so different groups of systems cannot interact with others, this can stop malicious users or malware spreading throughout the network without restrictions. […]


What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It gives offers more rights and freedoms to individuals living in the EU to control and access their data. There are 8 rights of the individual; these are: The right to be informed – Data subjects have the right to be informed about how their […]

Penetration Tests vs. Vulnerability Assessments

When shopping for security for your networks, several web application terms get thrown around. Due to this, non-technical people such as CEO’s and management may not understand these terms and may make the wrong purchase. When thinking about your digital security, you may think that by having an anti-virus system, a top-end firewall or even […]

Our Guide to Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing — or pen testing — is a cybersecurity measure used to assess a range of digital systems, applications and networks. Imitating the movements of a hacker, a penetration tester will try to work their way around your system’s security. Penetration testing should be conducted in an ethical manner, keeping legitimate business security at the forefront. Do I […]

Cybersecurity: In-House or Outsourced

Choosing between in-house and outsourced cybersecurity is a big decision you must make as a business owner. There are pros and cons to either choice and it’s up to you to decide which makes more sense for you. What are the advantages of having a cybersecurity department in-house? Constant Monitoring – With your cybersecurity taken […]

Five Personality Traits of Hackers

Following on from last week’s article on black and white hat hackers, we found an interesting study on the personality traits of hackers. The research includes a grouping of personality indicators that was developed in the 80s and is still used today. The traits are as follows: Trait Sample Statement Agreeableness “I have a soft heart.” Conscientiousness “I am always […]

White and Black Hat Hackers: FAQ Answered by Our Hacking Team

White and black hat hackers are the good and evil of the hacking world. Black hats are those who hack their way into other peoples’ systems without permission and for their own gain, whereas white hats (such as Samurai) are ethical hackers that have permission to hack into systems and find the insecurities within their […]

FAQ on Phishing

After a bit of looking around, I managed to find some of the most frequently asked questions about phishing. Let’s see if we can’t clue some people in. What does phishing mean? By definition, it means; ‘the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to induce individuals to reveal personal information, […]