Five Personality Traits of Hackers

Following on from last week’s article on black and white hat hackers, we found an interesting study on the personality traits of hackers. The research includes a grouping of personality indicators that was developed in the 80s and is still used today. The traits are as follows: Trait Sample Statement Agreeableness “I have a soft heart.” Conscientiousness “I am always […]

White and Black Hat Hackers: FAQ Answered by Our Hacking Team

White and black hat hackers are the good and evil of the hacking world. Black hats are those who hack their way into other peoples’ systems without permission and for their own gain, whereas white hats (such as Samurai) are ethical hackers that have permission to hack into systems and find the insecurities within their […]

FAQ on Phishing

After a bit of looking around, I managed to find some of the most frequently asked questions about phishing. Let’s see if we can’t clue some people in. What does phishing mean? By definition, it means; ‘the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to induce individuals to reveal personal information, […]

Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Health Hack

Just in case you didn’t think that hackers will capitalise on literally anything to spread their malware, they’ve used Donald Trump’s diagnosis of Covid-19 to get people to open the gateways to their malware. Last Friday, US President Donald Trump tested positive for Coronavirus and had to spend time the weekend in hospital. So close […]

‘Will Cybersecurity Ever Die Out?’

When researching questions that are currently asked about cybersecurity, I came across ‘will cybersecurity ever die out?’ I found this question to be interesting as it’s a complex and rather odd question but, the more I think about it, the more interested I get so… Will Cybersecurity Ever Die Out? In short, no, and especially […]

Why is Cybersecurity Important?

Two popular questions by unseasoned cybersecurity researchers are ‘who does cybercrime affect’ and ‘why is cybersecurity important’? So, today, I’m going to walk you through the answers to these questions. Who does cybercrime affect? Cybercrime can affect anyone, whether you’re the attacker or an unfortunate victim. The more you do online, the more likely you […]

6 Great Security Software Choices

In our last blog, we were urging you to get some form of security software to prepare for any possible cyber attacks. Here are our most recommended products and their features. Product Pros Cons Avast Ultimate This software comes with a lot of worthwhile products (Wi-Fi Inspector and Ransomeware Shield just to name a couple) […]

Preventing a Breach

We’ve directed you on how you can recover after a breach but we all know that prevention is the best cure so here are some tips to preventing a cybersecurity breach. Passwords Passwords are critical when protecting your sensitive data so it’s important to keep them strong and up to date. To keep the hackers […]

What to Do After a Security Breach

Step 1: Conclude You’ll need to ensure that all of your networks and devices are working properly after the breach. You’ll probably end up changing passwords, wiping infected devices and patching your existing hardware. You may, also, want to invest in a trustworthy cybersecurity software package or go through the vulnerabilities of your system with […]

New Team Member Gained! Meet Brad Thomas

We are proud to announce another new member to join our team. A huge welcome to Brad Thomas as our Head of Business Development. Starting his career in a consulting background, he helped companies in the technology sector iron out the creases in their acquisition & retention strategy. He has now moved into an all-round […]