Case Studies

Details of some of our previous work.

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Enabling Remote Work for the NHS

“When I have a problem nobody else can solve, I call Samurai because I know that they’ll deliver what I need, every time, without fail.”

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Incident Response Retainers To Enable Growth

“This partnership has allowed us to scale and grow with the confidence that we are protected from cyber threats around the clock.”

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Ensuring High-Quality Healthcare

“Their professional approach, technical expertise, and commitment to our security have given us the confidence to continue providing top-notch care services without the fear of cyber attacks.”

Redacted logistics client

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

“Samurai has exceeded our expectations as a cybersecurity partner, delivering services with exceptional ease of engagement. “

Redacted financial service client

An Offensive Security Approach

“Samurai have granted us the peace of mind to confidently expand our business, and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking cybersecurity services.”

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