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Security assessments

What is a Cyber Security Assessment?

Cyber security assessments help you make an informed decision to protect your organisation, mitigate risk and defend against a changing threat landscape.

Full spectrum attack simulation

Establishing the points within your organisation that are in most need of strengthening, from staff awareness training to web applications and networked systems.

Penetration testing

System penetration testing is the process of attempting to breach your systems by replicating many of the activities malicious hackers undertake. This is undertaken is a safe and controlled environment so that activity can be monitored.

Secure code reviews

Many systems breaches occur as a result of errors that exist in the coding of websites, software and applications. These errors act like tiny holes in perimeter fences. Attackers look out for these coding vulnerabilities and then exploit them to gain access to your systems.

Phishing & Social engineering

Malicious individuals will try anything to gain access to your business, network or premises.  Your staff, physical security, policies or procedures could also present a vulnerability to the safety of your business.