Compliance Policy Review

A comprehensive review of cybersecurity policies to ensure compliance

What is a Compliance Policy Review?

Our Compliance Policy Review service is a thorough, two-stage procedure that aids your company in ensuring that its cybersecurity policies are in compliance with industry best practices and legal requirements.

We pinpoint areas for improvement and offer doable suggestions to strengthen your cybersecurity posture through GAP Analysis and a thorough policy review.

The importance of cybersecurity policy compliance

Organisations must keep up with the most recent compliance mandates and security standards in an ever-changing cyber landscape. Maintaining ineffective policies can result in fines from the government, data breaches, and reputational harm.

You can reduce these risks and keep up a robust cybersecurity posture with the aid of our Compliance Policy Review service.

Key Benefits

Finding missing or out-of-date policies

Our Compliance Policy Review service is intended to thoroughly evaluate the current policies of your organisation in comparison to industry best practices and legal requirements.

Through this process, we are able to spot any inconsistencies or gaps as well as outdated or missing policies that may be leaving your company open to cyber threats.


Improved cybersecurity posture by adhering to sector best practises

Cybersecurity threats are always changing. It’s essential for organisations to keep up with the most recent industry best practices. In addition to highlighting areas for improvement, our Compliance Policy Review service offers doable suggestions to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity posture.

You can reduce risks and safeguard your important data and systems from potential breaches by coordinating your policies with industry best practises.


Adherence to regulatory requirements, such as GDPR

Violations of regulatory requirements can result in harsh penalties, harm to one’s reputation, and a decline in customer trust.

By ensuring that your policies follow the necessary requirements, our Compliance Policy Review service assists your organisation in maintaining compliance with laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Why choose us?

Our team of knowledgeable compliance consultants at Samurai Security is dedicated to offering custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of your company.

We provide a thorough and structured approach along with a deep understanding of industry best practices to provide the highest levels of assurance for our clients.

Our Approach


GAP Analysis

We start by carefully evaluating your current policies and contrasting them with industry best practises and legal requirements. Then, we offer a prioritised roadmap of policies that need to be developed or updated.


Policy Review

In this phase, we thoroughly examine your current policies to pinpoint areas for improvement. We then collaborate closely with your team to create contextual, precise, and current policy documents that adhere to industry best practises.



R/A/G spreadsheet comparing your current policies to recommended practises in the industry.

A prioritised list of policies to update with comments and suggestions for improvement

Meetings with your team to finalise and discuss any proposed improvements 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much information must we give Samurai Security?

You’ll need to give us access to the pertinent internal IT/risk owners as well as your current policy documents so we can gather information.

How long does the process of reviewing compliance policies take?

Your organisation’s size and complexity will affect the timeline. To create a schedule that suits your requirements, we’ll collaborate closely with your team.

Can Samurai Security assist us in putting the suggested policy updates into effect?

In order to improve your cybersecurity posture, our team can help you create and implement the suggested policies as a separate project.

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