Managed SOC & SIEM

A comprehensive security solution for your business

What is SOC & SIEM?

Our Managed SOC / SIEM service is a comprehensive security solution that combines the power of a UK based Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies to provide 24×7 monitoring and protection of your organisation’s digital assets.

The importance of SOC/SIEM

Cyber threats and attacks are constantly evolving, posing a significant risk to organisations of all sizes. Our Managed SOC / SIEM service aids in the detection and prevention of cyber threats before they cause harm to your organisation. We can mitigate the damage caused by a potential breach by providing real-time visibility into security incidents, ensuring business continuity, and protecting your reputation.

Proactive threat detection and response: Using our advanced SOC/SIEM technology, we can detect threats proactively and respond to them in real-time, resulting in minimal damage.

Greater visibility and control: We give you complete visibility into your organisation’s security posture and assist you in gaining control of your security infrastructure.

Compliance: By ensuring adherence to industry regulations, our Managed SOC / SIEM service assists you in meeting compliance requirements and avoiding penalties.

Why Samurai Security?

Samurai Security is dedicated to providing the highest level of cybersecurity protection to our clients. We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers in several ways, including:

A) Experience: The extended security team is made up of certified cybersecurity professionals who have extensive experience with SOC / SIEM technologies.

B) Tailored solutions: We recognise that each organisation is unique, and we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific security requirements.

C) Flexibility: Our Managed SOC / SIEM service is scalable and can be customised to meet your organisation’s changing needs.

Our Approach



We evaluate your organisation’s security posture and identify any gaps that must be filled.



To monitor and protect your digital assets, we deploy the necessary SOC / SIEM technologies and ingest various log sources.



Our team monitors your organisation’s security infrastructure 24 hours a day, seven days a week, detecting and responding to threats in real time.



We provide you with regular reports and updates on the security posture of your organisation.


Several outputs are provided by our Managed SOC / SIEM service, including:

  1. Detection and response to threats in real time
  2. Regular security alerts and incident reports
  3. Comprehensive analysis and investigation of security incidents
  4. Recommendations for improving security posture and reducing risk
  5. Compliance reports and documentation
  6. Trend analysis and insights on security threats and risks
  7. Access to our team of certified cybersecurity professionals for consultation and support
  8. Assistance with incident response and remediation, including post-incident analysis and recommendations for improving resilience

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using SOC/SIEM services?

Using SOC/SIEM services has several advantages, including enhanced threat detection and response abilities, decreased risk of cyberattacks and data breaches, increased visibility into security events and network activity, and improved compliance with security regulations and standards.

How do SOC/SIEM services work?

SOC/SIEM services gather and analyse data from different sources across a network and systems of an organisation, such as logs, network traffic, and security events. The SOC team then employs this information to spot potential threats and handle emergencies.

How do I choose a SOC/SIEM provider?

It’s crucial to choose a SOC/SIEM provider with experience working with businesses of a similar size and in your industry. The provider’s technological capabilities, the knowledge and experience of the SOC team, response times and protocols.

What types of organisations can benefit from SOC/SIEM services?

SOC/SIEM services are beneficial to any organisation that values its data and wants to guard against cybersecurity threats. This includes, among others, large corporations, government organisations, small and medium-sized businesses, and healthcare providers.

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