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We firmly believe that research and innovation can advance the cybersecurity sector.

By collaborating with prestigious universities, we are dedicated to pursuing novel avenues of inquiry, fostering the next generation of cybersecurity experts, and identifying ground-breaking solutions that make the online environment safer for all.

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Driving advancement through Cybersecurity Research 

As we strive to pioneer advancement in technology, our core strategy is to create a robust ecosystem bridging academia and industry. This collaborative approach elevates the cybersecurity landscape by enabling us to work closely with leading educational institutions, pushing beyond established boundaries, and anticipating emerging threats.

Our partnerships with prestigious universities and research organisations play a pivotal role in our research and innovation initiatives in cybersecurity. These collaborations not only unlock access to academic expertise but also provide students and researchers with a platform to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios, influencing the industry significantly.

The benefits of academia-industry collaboration are multi-faceted, opening up opportunities to leverage advanced infrastructure, specialised tools, and a pool of brilliant minds. By assembling this exceptional talent, we tackle complex cybersecurity issues, stimulate innovation, and deliver robust solutions.

Use Case: Research Project

Pioneering ransomware detection 

At Samurai Security, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, we are pioneering a ground-breaking research project to detect malicious software, including malware and ransomware, through innovative hardware monitoring.

Modern computer chips continuously record operational data, such as power consumption and data retrieval frequency. Traditionally, this data has been used to reveal the operations of software running on the chip, a technique often employed in cryptanalysis known as Simple Power Analysis.

Our approach, however, focuses on a broader perspective. We monitor these larger patterns within the chip’s data to determine the type of software running. Each application has its unique operational “fingerprint” which can be revealed through this monitoring.

Ransomware, a malicious software that encrypts user data for ransom, significantly impacts power consumption and data patterns. In systems where encryption is not typical, such fingerprints become highly distinctive.

Our preliminary results are encouraging, demonstrating the effectiveness of this method in differentiating between various types of applications and particularly in identifying ransomware. This initiative underscores our commitment to evolving cybersecurity solutions, protecting our clients, and staying one step ahead of potential threats.

Our Research Objectives

Foster Innovation

Work together with top academic institutions to promote a climate of imagination, curiosity, and ongoing development in the cybersecurity sector.

Bridge the Gap

Establish links between academia and business to promote knowledge, resources, and expertise exchange, ensuring that the most recent research findings are converted into workable solutions.

Drive Industry Growth

Assist in the development of the cybersecurity industry by spotting new trends, tackling pressing issues, and creating ground-breaking solutions to safeguard digital assets and infrastructure.

Strengthen Partnerships

Building and maintaining strong connections with the academic community will help to foster ongoing cooperation, knowledge exchange, and growth opportunities.

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