Ensuring High-Quality Healthcare Through Penetration Testing

Case study: Capri Healthcare

About Capri Healthcare

Capri Healthcare is a Midland-based organisation driven by the vision of turning NHS Digital’s first strategy into reality by bringing digital innovation into primary, secondary and private healthcare sectors. Capri prides itself in offering a cutting-edge triage, referral and advice platform.

TriVice is a platform that enables identifying urgent and non-urgent clinical cases, along with those who can be seen elsewhere, instantly suing AI driven algorithm. TriVice speeds up the identification of patients who need treatment quickly and get them to the right place. TriVice supports all kinds of clinical specialities pathways and hence deliverable capability of triaging generically as well as to specific specialities.


Remediation Guidance

Cybersecurity Consultancy

Engagement Summary

Capri Healthcare approached Samurai Security to provide Penetration Testing services, aiming to identify and communicate security vulnerabilities that a real-world attacker might exploit. As a healthcare provider handling sensitive patient data, the company was keen on strengthening its cybersecurity posture to protect its clients and their private information.

Project Approach

Our team of cybersecurity experts adopted OWASP testing methodologies to perform an in-depth assessment of Capri Healthcare’s systems. Throughout the engagement, we identified various vulnerabilities and collaborated with the client to implement effective remediation strategies. The project was completed successfully, with key challenges addressed and critical wins achieved in terms of improved security. 

Output & Benefits

Upon completing the Penetration Testing engagement, we provided Capri Healthcare with a formal PDF report that detailed our findings and recommended remediation actions. We also held multiple debriefing calls to discuss the results and ensure a clear understanding of the necessary steps to enhance their security posture. The benefits realized by Capri Healthcare include the identification and remediation of important security vulnerabilities, ultimately better protecting their organization and the sensitive patient data they manage.

The engagement also emphasized the value of continuous security assessments and adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity. By addressing these vulnerabilities, Capri Healthcare can now continue to grow and innovate as a business without worrying about cyber attacks. This confidence in their cybersecurity allows them to focus on their core mission of delivering exceptional care services to their clients.

Formal PDF Report

Debriefing Meeting

Remediation Guidance


“Samurai Security has been instrumental in helping us identify and address critical vulnerabilities within our systems. Their professional approach, technical expertise, and commitment to our security have given us the confidence to continue providing top-notch care services without the fear of cyber attacks. We are extremely grateful for their exceptional work and highly recommend their services to any organization looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture.”

Valleesh A.

Founder and Co-CEO at Capri Healthcare

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