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Elevating Cybersecurity: An
Offensive Security Approach

Case study: Financial Services

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The client is a leading global provider of payment processing services, serving businesses across various industries by facilitating secure, seamless, and efficient financial transactions. Their primary offerings include payment gateway solutions, e-commerce platforms, and point-of-sale systems. As a company handling sensitive financial data, ensuring the security of its systems is of utmost importance.


Red Teaming

Code Review


Engagement Summary

Samurai Security’s collaboration with the client centres around delivering offensive cybersecurity services. By focusing on identifying and resolving potential security vulnerabilities, they aim to counteract real-world cyber threats. The initiative’s core goal is to bolster the clients’ cybersecurity framework, thereby safeguarding customer data. Emulating actual cyberattack scenarios, the team pinpoints and strengthens system weaknesses. As a result, the client enhances its security posture, fostering customer trust and supporting secure business innovation and growth.

Project Approach

Our team of cybersecurity experts employed a combination of MITRE and OWASP testing methodologies to perform a thorough assessment of the clients’ systems. During our ongoing relationship, we encounter complex networks, applications, and system integrations. However, by working closely with the client, we can quickly understand these systems and continually identify various vulnerabilities. Throughout these engagements, our teams collaborated to remediate the identified vulnerabilities and strengthen their cybersecurity defences. This process resulted in several significant wins, including the mitigation of potential threats and the fortification of their systems.

Output & Benefits

At the conclusion of our engagements, we provide the client with a comprehensive PDF report detailing our findings and recommended remediation actions. Additionally, we conduct multiple debriefing calls to discuss the results and ensure a clear understanding of the necessary steps to enhance their security posture. The benefits realised by the client include the identification and remediation of important security vulnerabilities, which in turn allows them to better protect their organisation and customers’ sensitive data. Furthermore, our engagements reinforce the importance of continuous security assessments and a proactive approach to cybersecurity. As a result of our collaboration, the client can now continue to grow and innovate as a business, confident in its ability to defend against cyber threats and safeguard its clients’ valuable information.

Formal PDF Report

Debriefing Meeting

Remediation Guidance


“They are a team of experts who are nimble, quick, and deeply knowledgeable in their field. They adapt to our operational style, identify critical vulnerabilities in our systems, and provide valuable guidance on how to address them. Samurai have granted us the peace of mind to confidently expand our business, and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking cybersecurity services.”

Anonymous COO

*Some information is redacted from this case study for client security, reference details are available on request.

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