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Case study: The Preston Associates

About The Preston Associates

The Preston Associates (TPA) is an Executive Coaching firm, established in 2003, dedicated to the development of individuals, teams, and organisations both in the UK and globally. They pride themselves on their meticulous selection of coaches, who are chosen based on their significant business achievements, diverse backgrounds, and a shared ethos. This strategy ensures they provide some of the most experienced and highly-qualified Executive Coaching consultants available. TPA has a rich history of coaching across various business spectrums, from global multinationals to dynamic start-ups, understanding the critical need for time and space to think. Their approach is simple yet flexible, designed to address the most complex, critical, and paradoxical issues, always with a clear focus on delivering a tangible return on investment for their clients.


Consultancy & Guidance

Engagement Summary

The Preston Associates approached us with a need for an expert team to be rapidly available in the event of an incident within their business operations. We are tasked with providing an Incident Response Retainer service, offering 24/7/365 coverage with a commitment to a 3-hour response time. The overarching vision for this engagement is to ensure TPA’s protection at all times, regardless of the nature or timing of the problem.

Project Approach

Our approach began with a comprehensive onboarding process, during which we gathered extensive information about TPA to fully understand their cybersecurity posture. This preparation enables us to be immediately actionable should our services be needed, accessible via an incident response hotline, email, or mobile phone. Our incident response protocol, grounded in industry best practices, includes identifying the cause of the breach, containment, eradication, investigation, response, and recovery.
Challenges in collecting the required information were anticipated and effectively managed. Our value was demonstrated through our swift and efficient response whenever our services were called upon, ensuring we were always there to support TPA in their time of need.

Output & Benefits

The primary outputs of this engagement included a tailored incident response plan and an onboarding document. These resources equip TPA with the necessary tools to manage an incident with reduced friction and increased efficiency. The engagement has significantly benefited TPA by providing them with comprehensive protection at any time, thus allowing them to focus on growth and scaling without the concern of cybersecurity threats. Throughout our collaboration, we have offered a range of recommendations to enhance TPA’s cybersecurity posture, learning together and adapting strategies to meet evolving challenges.


“Samurai Security have not just met our expectations; they’ve exceeded them. Their expertise and readiness to act in times of need have been unparalleled. This partnership has allowed us to scale and grow with the confidence that we are protected from cyber threats around the clock.”

Ellie Wilmshurst-Smith, Operations Director at TPA

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