Our specialties
Mobile application testing

What is mobile application testing?

Mobile application testing is the process of hacking into a mobile application to identify areas of exploitation. Equipped with a dedicated testing lab, we see if it’s possible to reverse engineer the app and steal intellectual property and user data.

Applications aren’t usually as robust in their protection methods, yet they often harvest the most user data; mobile applications must be tested against hacking because losing sensitive user data is a fast track way to land hefty fines for any business.

We test the application’s internal components by getting to grips with its inner workings and understanding how data is stored, handled, and outputted. However, it’s also critical to test how the application itself works within a network and how it serves the end-users. Understanding an application’s purpose and use cases enables us to provide a comprehensive view of potential exploits.

Why do I need it?

Mutual assurance is essential to the people involved in your business; ensuring that you meet specific security standards is critical in protecting your users and business. Giving your stakeholders and third party services peace of mind that your own and your client’s data are secure will provide them with the assurance that their investments remain safe.

Why Samurai?

We have developed our own tried and tested application methodology, which has demonstrated success with use cases including private medical information, which has high importance on security. Access to all the mobile devices, platforms and tools enables us to provide complete insight into any potential risk.