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Cloud penetration Testing

What is cloud penetration testing?

Cloud penetration testing is a vulnerability assessment and penetration test within a cloud network infrastructure such as: AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google cloud.

A cloud environment can be configured poorly, which puts the applications themselves at risk. To ensure your cloud implementation is secure, we don’t just test the underlying infrastructure or how applications are configured and built, we focus on how each application performs and communicates in whilst operating in tandem.

Looking at each components probability of failure on an individual basis only limits your security; the real problems occur when everything is working at the same time. 

For us, cloud penetration testing isn’t just about testing a cloud application, it’s about ensuring a secure configuration by testing components in isolation first and then testing how they communicate to each other whilst in action.

Why do I need it?

If you’re running any kind of service on a cloud platform, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google cloud, penetration testing is necessary. We often see clients that have online servers that are misconfigured. It’s easy to lose track of the doors and windows within your network when your digital activities aren’t accounted for.

An example of this is when admin accounts are digitally based, rather than having to be in the room to access the admin panel – It creates a  different set of challenges which leave you insecure, even when you think you’re not. New vulnerabilities, combined with lack of experience in configuration leads changes in the threat landscape

Why Samurai?

We’ve been penetration testing cloud networks for years and have even taught this concept to university students across the country. Understanding how these services are built allows us to identify when they have been misconfigured leaving you at risk. We have a wealth of experience across numerous industries which give us a holistic view on cyber security.