Incident management
Data and security analysis

What is data and security analysis?

Data and security analysis is the process of collecting, aggregating and correlating data from numerous systems to detect and track malicious activity.

Data can be combined and correlated from the following feeds:

  • Network traffic
  • System logs
  • Endpoint and user behaviour
  • Cloud resources
  • Business applications
  • Non-IT contextual data
  • Identity and access management data
  • External threat intelligence sources

Why is it important?

Because Corporate firewalls and anti-malware are no longer sufficient to protect your systems from attacks originating from the use of cloud or mobile services. The way we access our data and systems is changing, and so are the threats. Perhaps the most significant of these is ransomware, which encrypts your data making it entirely unusable and demands a fee for you to gain access to it again.

The efficacy of perimeter protection devices, like firewalls, is diminishing, and this impacts the resilience of your business networks, particularly where they meet the internet.