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Incident management

What is Incident Management?

End-to-end incident management arms you with a risk mitigation strategy that enables you to react swiftly in a cyber security crisis.

Post breach investigations

Sometimes, attackers are successful in gaining access to your systems, either due to lack of protection, or inadequate protection. Part of the recovery process after an attack is to understand what happened, how it happened, and to learn from this to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Incident response planning

We constantly see attacks on company systems. We live in an era of continuous compromise. Its good practice to assume a breach could happen at any moment. Identifying and responding to an attack needs the right team, the right tools and the right methodology, all available at the right time.

Data & security analysis

Security analytics is the process of collecting, aggregating and correlating data from numerous system and network devices to detect and track malicious and suspicious activity. Corporate firewalls and anti-malware are no longer sufficient to protect your systems from attacks originating from the use of cloud or mobile services.

Intrusion detection

The practice of identifying malicious traffic entering, exiting or traversing your network. Network Intrusion Detection systems know the patterns & traits of malicious traffic. When they are detected you are alerted to the danger, allowing you to take immediate action by closing the means of entry and eradicating the intruder.