‘Will Cybersecurity Ever Die Out?’

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When researching questions that are currently asked about cybersecurity, I came across ‘will cybersecurity ever die out?’ I found this question to be interesting as it’s a complex and rather odd question but, the more I think about it, the more interested I get so…

Will Cybersecurity Ever Die Out?

In short, no, and especially not as a career (don’t worry, Jenny from Computer Science). People are always going to need people like you looking out for them and their sensitive data.

“But, with a complex AI, even the toughest of hackers can be stopped, right?” By the time people have developed and released a cybersecurity AI that can shut down the hackers of today, there’ll be an even more fancy AI produced by hackers to steal only the juiciest content. The side of crime will always be ahead as security and protection reacts to what is effective for the current criminals.

For example, why would Spiderman or Batman never finish their comic book series (no, this isn’t an opening to a joke)? Two reasons:

  1. DC and Marvel are more than happy to milk these things for another 60 years.
  2. Most importantly, new villains can always turn up to give the heroes a new challenge that they’ve never faced before, making them have to develop new skills to defeat the new threat.

That is cybersecurity. Constantly, new threats are being created and we have to develop (and apply) the means to defeat them. For the greater good.

(Honestly there’s a lot more similarities I could draw between cybersecurity specialists and superheroes. There’s even the fact of ‘what if a white hat switches to the dark side, using the knowledge they learnt fighting hackers?’ “With great power comes great responsibility” and all that.)

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