Why is Cybersecurity Important?

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Two popular questions by unseasoned cybersecurity researchers are ‘who does cybercrime affect’ and ‘why is cybersecurity important’? So, today, I’m going to walk you through the answers to these questions.

Who does cybercrime affect?

Cybercrime can affect anyone, whether you’re the attacker or an unfortunate victim. The more you do online, the more likely you are to become a target of cyber criminals.

Picture this; you’re twenty, you’ve lived with the internet for the majority of your life and it has had a massive effect on you. You were watching YouTube videos at ten-years-old and you know your way around the Twitter platform, maybe you even had a Tumblr blog. You regularly make accounts on many websites in order to purchase clothes or groceries or games so you have a lot of junk mail and promos in your inbox. You’re, also, a bit of a rebel so you torrent or stream movies to watch with your friends. This is your life online.

How many opportunities do you think you’re giving to your average hacker. With your junk mail completely full of promos and automatic follow-up messages, a few slip through the cracks and get into your main inbox. The same could be said for phishing emails. The torrenting file you downloaded to watch the most recent Marvel movie? The site looked a little sketchy but it’s the only one you could find that had your movie. How do you know that wasn’t just malware?

You open the email. You start torrenting your movie. All Hell breaks loose. You find you can’t access any of your term papers. You can’t tell your Discord server what’s going on. You’ve been asked for money before control of your computer is returned to you.

Sure, you were a little risque but you don’t even have to do that much to become a victim of cybercrime.

If it’s easy for a young, tech-savvy person to be targeted, what about those who are less confident in their computer skills? In 2018, 62,085 fell victim to cybercrime, all of which were sixty and above. The collective losses of these victims totalled to just over £501,862,769. There was, also, another 48,642 made victim to cybercrime between the ages of fifty and fifty-nine. Their reported losses equalled just over £382,590,403.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Cybersecurity is important because cybercrime is a huge menace that makes a lot of money out of anxious, vulnerable individuals.

It’s damaging to many services, like the NHS, where hackers can steal millions of medical files and life-changing treatments can be put on hold. Cybersecurity is important because it tends to be involved in our everyday lives.

Just think what it would be if it was your academic papers being locked down or your bank account being drained.

That is why we, at Samurai, fight on the side of justice. To help people avoid falling victim to such distressing and nerve-wracking situations.

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