White and Black Hat Hackers: FAQ Answered by Our Hacking Team

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White and black hat hackers are the good and evil of the hacking world. Black hats are those who hack their way into other peoples’ systems without permission and for their own gain, whereas white hats (such as Samurai) are ethical hackers that have permission to hack into systems and find the insecurities within their system.

What do white hat hackers do?

“Responsibly disclose any findings they may have. They do it to try and better the security of everything as a whole. Say you found a vulnerability in your back or whatever, you would ring up the bank or email them through their responsible disclosure scheme and get in contact with someone like the NCSC and just make everybody aware of it. Whereas, if you’re black hat, you just sell it or use it yourself.” Luke told me. White hat hackers are responsible with the information that they have and use it to benefit those that it may harm.

Where can I learn white hat hacking?

Ali said; “there are different places where you can learn hacking, white or black, [but] it’s all about ethics, how you disclose your findings or if you choose to disclose your findings. It’s nothing to do with where you learn it from, it’s to do with how you use the information you’ve found.” So it doesn’t matter where you learn to hack that puts you in any particular category, it’s how you use your skills that determine which hat you wear (which sounds quite poetic when you think about it.).

Can white hat hackers get arrested?

“Yes.” Thomas immediately cut in. Ali explained it further. “White hat is the most ethical group of hackers so they normally tend to not do anything wrong or malicious.” So it’s very rare but being a white hat doesn’t give you a get-out-of-jail-free card. There have been cases of white hats being persecuted for just doing their jobs. For example, a cybersecurity company was asked to perform a penetration test on a courthouse and were then arrested when they succeeded. You can read the full article on that here.

How do black hat hackers earn money?

“Selling what they find; selling credentials, ransomware…” Thomas began. Obviously, there are many ways to gain wealth as a black hat and many people wanting to employ you for less than reputable reasons. “Dark net.” Jack added as, yes, this is another place where people may exchange information that they’ve collected. “Selling access into companies.” Luke also added so there’s no end to the ways black hats can earn money but what you gain financially you also gain as a weight on your conscience and, of course, the more you hack under a black hat, the more likely you are to get caught.

Are black hat hackers good?

In short, no. Black hat hackers do what most criminals do, use the suffering of others to for their own gains. Black hats use their skills to break into company databases, peddle ransomware and sell access into company systems. Accessing anything without express permission from the data owner (and again if you do anything with the information that jeopardizes the company) makes you a black hat.

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