Video Conferencing 2: Digital Boogaloo

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Good morning or afternoon, all. It’s a wonderful day in quarantine. The skies are blue, the birds are singing and the grass is all green for the summer. Unfortunately, none of us can go outside to enjoy it. Thankfully, though you’ve all been interacting with us on social media so we’re back with another video conferencing blog.

Today, I’ll be covering pieces of software that you’ve been asking for including; IMO, Jitsi, MeetMe and others. In addition to my reviews of the applications, I will include screenshots of the homepage because a homepage is supposed to reflect many of the business’ motives. But, first; an aperitif.

SoftwareParticipant LimitTime LimitPrice
Cisco Meetings (Webex)100UnlimitedFree*.
MeetMe**3 – 128597 HoursFree.
Microsoft Teams25024 Hours£6/month in the Office 365 E1 package.
Skype504 HoursFree.
Viber for Business**20UnlimitedFree.
Zoom10040 MinsFree*.

* Free with limitations placed upon the software.

** Mainly a mobile app.


IMO is more of a social media app than a formal video conferencing service, though video calls are available through it. It’s, also, mainly rooted in mobile devices as opposed to desktops or laptops. Audio and voice calls are available, IM (instant messaging) is another main part of the app but stories and statuses give it a more Snapchat or Instagram vibe. Through the IM, members can share files, the ‘imoZone’ allows members to find large chatrooms with the same interests.

Though I wouldn’t use it for work, it seems like a fun enough app.


Jitsi is closer to what we want. Jitsi is OSS (open-source software) that is completely free to use. Jitsi, specifically Jitsi Meet, boasts better quality than most other video conferencing software and easy installation packages for Ubuntu and Debian. They have a bunch of projects they’re working on to make video conferencing secure. Apart from Jitsi Meet, there’s also Videobridge, Jibri, Jicofo, Jigasi, Ice4j, Jitsi Desktop and Iibjitsi. All their projects are available for your perusal here.

Jitsi is more what businesses are looking for though I’m not sure if the software is supported on mobile devices.


Much like IMO, MeetMe is more like a social network than a professional video conferencing service (but people insisted that I cover it so here it is). MeetMe is an interesting app that seems to be mainly rooted in its mobile ways. It seems to be less of a video conference and more of a mobile broadcasting app, where members can begin broadcasting and other members can join their ‘room’ to chat, send emojis and watch what the person is broadcasting.

Not really for use in a formal situation. Especially seeing as they have a reputation as a dating app and have previously given VIP privileges to a convicted sex offender. This may require some further Samurai digging…

Viber for Business

Viber for Business (or Busi-Viber, as I will be calling it) seems like what would happen if WhatsApp, LinkedIn and a call centre had a baby. You can use your brand to sponsor calls made in the app, you can talk to the guys you cycle with, boost brand awareness with promotional stickers in IM, buy from well-known retailers and talk to work clients. It seems like a cluster of many things jammed together into a messaging app. Apparently, the app is used by some really big companies; Coca Cola, L’Oreal and Shakira (though I’m not sure if that’s a company or the Colombian pop artist).

Personally, I don’t think I like the thought of having my boyfriend and company clients in the same messaging app. One click is all it takes and suddenly you’re buying pizza with the CEO of some random company. No thanks.


Of all the video conferencing software we’ve looked at today, I think I’d go with Jisti. I mean, it’s free and it looks professional, what else do you need? Other than that, go and check out the first blog I did on video conferencing applications and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

If you have any questions about this article, please contact the Samurai team here.

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