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Twitter. Samurai has an account, I have a personal account, my dad has a personal account, everyone has an account on Twitter. Why do we put so much faith into social media networks when they’re just as, if not more due to their popularity and size, at risk as any other network? I’m not sure but we do and that results in breaches.

Twitter claimed it was “possible” that the personal information (such as; email addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of clients’ credit card numbers) could have been accessed by others. The folks at Twitter said they were “very sorry”, adding that there was no evidence to clients’ billing information being compromised.

Thankfully, the issue was fixed on the 20th of May.

The breach affected businesses using Twitter’s analytics and it isn’t clear how many companies were affected by it.

This particular breach is worrying because it appears that some financial details were leaked. These could be used for future fraud and we would strongly recommend anyone affected to change their credit card ASAP.

Though the extent of the breach hasn’t been fully explored, the data that has been leaked is valuable to hackers and can be used for a number of applications in future.

Chris Hauk, the consumer privacy champion at Pixel Privacy, said: “While we don’t know for sure if the data breach was due to actions on the part of hackers or simply due to bad programming by developers, the Twitter cache issue underscores the importance of users not relying on websites to protect their privacy.”

“I strongly recommend users set their browser to delete its cache when shutting down or restarting the browser. While clearing cache files will cause websites to load more slowly after you restart your browser, the security advantages easily outweigh this minor inconvenience.”

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