404: Ep.8 – Droning on about Blackbaud’s ransomware submission and the Chinese DJI clone vulnerabilities


David, Luke, Keiran and Jay discuss Blackbaud’s response to their ransomware breach that affected many of the UK’s universities. Why was a breach that occurred in May only made known to clients July 16th? And why did they pay the ransom? Doesn’t sound quite right to us.

At 19:30 we move on to discuss the recent vulnerabilities in the leading Chinese drone manufacturer DJI’s app. Personal data being vulnerable including allegedly shady self-updates allowing it to install “Unknown Apps”. What’s going on here? Grabbing drone images, GPS coordinates? Not to mention a bunch of confidential information about your phone too. How could this be used for badness? Particularly in these times of tension between China and the US. Listen in to Samurai discussing it.