How is Covid Still Affecting Communication in our Organisations?

Working from Home
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Covid has put everyone in awkward situations. Businesses are in a difficult position right now, with many employees having to use their own devices and working from home. IT security measures are both more important than ever and more difficult to enforce.

More than half of IT teams believe they are either under-equipped or still have some way to go to tackle the security and privacy demands of remote working, during the continuing pandemic. 72% of IT teams stating that their organisations continue to be effective despite remote working conditions.

Research found:

  • 16% believe they are still under-equipped to cope with remote working, over three months into global lockdowns.
  • 29% of the organisations feel they don’t do enough prior testing of their business continuity action plan.

While there are undoubtedly many technical challenges to having the workforce working remotely, procedures and knowledge-sharing are perhaps the most important yet overlooked aspects. In the office environment, many issues can be quickly resolved with a tap on the shoulder. This is unavailable when working from home and, when faced with a range of communication channels, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

In the meantime, cyber-criminals are trying to take advantage of those using their own computers and working from home by phishing users, masquerading as members of the IT team or colleagues. It’s important that organisations set clear guidelines out for communication in terms of how employees should reach out for assistance. For example, we at Samurai use our private Slack server. It’s the main way we communicate each other and if other modes of communication are needed, we let other members know on Slack. Something like this system would be advised.

The key thing to understand is; if businesses are going to move forward from Covid, traditional security approaches are no longer enough. Users no longer have the security controls afforded to them when they were based in their offices. Organisations need to understand this and review how they are working and communicating.

We hope you’re all staying safe during these times and, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the button below.

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