Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Health Hack

Donald Trump
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Just in case you didn’t think that hackers will capitalise on literally anything to spread their malware, they’ve used Donald Trump’s diagnosis of Covid-19 to get people to open the gateways to their malware.

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump tested positive for Coronavirus and had to spend time the weekend in hospital. So close to the election, people on either side of the political divide took an interest in his health. As this is the case, it’s no real surprise that hackers begun exploiting this interest on their route to infect as many people as they can with a different kind of virus.

Hackers sent out many emails with subject lines like “Recent materials pertaining to the president’s illness”, “Newest information about the president’s condition”, and “Newest info pertaining to President’s illness” and people seemed to eat it up. The body of one of these emails can be seen below.

What we really know and even what we don’t about Trump’s COVID health problems.
Insider information about Trump’s][health condition, please remember to use the code because the record is encrypted: 123

What awaits you when you click that link is more dangerous than any dead, orange smurf; malware. More specifically? BazarLoader.

BazarLoader (or BazaLoader) is Trojan horse software that gives hackers the opportunity to steal data and tis isn’t the first time they’ve pulled off something like this.

The group behind BazarLoader also tried to use a similar strategy on various companies, sending out emails to employees, apparently containing employee termination lists and Coronavirus payroll reports. Obviously, with information like that, many people fell prey to this plan.

Moral of the story? Get your news and information from reliable resources to avoid accidents like these. Besides, according to Trump, catching Coronavirus was a “blessing from God” so what the Hell do we know?

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