404: Ep.5 – A.I. for the bad guy

AI is being weaponised. David, Neil, Luke and Jack talk about why we should be afraid, and whether we can protect ourselves from this new threat.

404:Cybersecurity not found – Episode 4

This week Neil, David and Jay discuss whether teleconferencing tools require end-to-end encryption. The NCA bust via compromising EncroChat, before reopening the whole security vs privacy debate.

404:Cybersecurity not found – episode 3

David, Neil, Jack and Luke talk about the  the Network and Information Systems Regulations (NIS). Is it a good idea, does it work, is it being implemented properly, and are the right people enforcing it? Is it broke? Can it fixed? This and more discussed! We talk about handling of marketing data, the telephone preference […]

404:Cybersecurity not found – episode 2

David, Neil and the team talk about self-certification, independent testing, and the governments backtracking on track’n’trace app. We also take on a guest question, “which vulnerability would you magically make disappear if you could?”. Also, I drink a beer, Neil feels ill and Jack’s tie is still in the background for undisclosed purposes.

404:Cybersecurity not found – episode 1

In case you aren’t aware, Samurai now has a podcast, on Spotify. The pilot was posted on Monday, as will become the tradition. We’ll record a new episode every Friday afternoon and it’ll be edited and posted on the following Monday afternoon. You can listen to the first episode by clicking below: – So, lets […]