404: Ep. 20 – The Problem with SMS

SMS security

Mobile technology has improved exponentially since its inception; bandwidth, the number of connections made, and the fidelity of phone calls are all much better. But the underlying infrastructure used for SMS and the associated protocols have not moved on.  Dr David Day explores the pitfalls of SMS with Kieran Twidale-Smith.

404: Ep. 19 – Hacking the Brain

Brain Hacking

Hacking of the brain occurs when the particular way in which we act and think is intentionally taken advantage of. Dr David Day is really making us think as he introduces the topic of brain hacking and how vulnerable we are to information sources around us.

Ep. 14 – What does Facebook have on you?

So how does Facebook, which seems to cost you nothing, make Mark Zuckerberg the wealthiest person ($54 Billion) under 40. Well, you don’t pay for everything with money.

404: Ep.11 – An Uber Serious Hack

David, Luke, Kieran and Jay talk about the Uber hack that affected 57 million people and explain why paying the ransom for ransomware isn’t worth it.