Enhancing Cybersecurity Through Penetration Testing

Case Study – Lloyds Register

About Lloyds Register

Lloyd’s Register is a global professional services company dedicated to improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures for clients across the maritime industry, they are the world’s first marine classification society which was created more than 260 years ago to improve the safety of ships.

They aim to enhance their services to customers while enabling seamless decision-making within their business based on accurate data and information.



Penetration testing

Vulnerability Management

Remediation Guidance

Engagement Summary

Samurai was engaged by Lloyd’s Register to provide continual and comprehensive Penetration Testing across a wide variety of their business systems.

The primary goal was to identify and communicate security vulnerabilities that a real-world attacker may exploit. Lloyd’s Registers’ focus is to continually address key cybersecurity concerns, including any potential attacks aimed to towards their externally exposed services and applications, which if exploited could have a detrimental impact. 

Project Approach

In combination with years of experience and expertise, Samurai used the OWASP testing methodology as the primary approach for the Penetration Testing projects. While the unique nature of Lloyd’s Register’s systems can pose challenges, the Samurai team effectively navigated these obstacles and identified various improvements to be made on the system.

Throughout the engagement, Samurai collaborated closely with the client to implement the improvements and worked hard to enhance their overall security posture.

Outputs & Benefits

The outputs of the engagement included a formal PDF report detailing our methodology and recommendations. We also held multiple debriefing calls to discuss the findings and recommend remediation actions. The Penetration Testing services provided by Samurai enabled Lloyd’s Register to identify several crucial security improvements, ultimately better protecting the organisation from potential cyberattacks.

The client learned valuable insights on improving their security and recognise the importance of ongoing security assessments. As a result, Lloyd’s Register can continue to grow and innovate whilst having cybersecurity at the forefront of their priorities. 


“Samurai has exceeded our expectations as a cybersecurity partner, delivering services with exceptional ease of engagement. Their expertise and commitment to quality have helped to improve our organisation’s security posture.”

Darren H.

Lloyds Register – Head of Information Security

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