Penetration Testing in the Cloud

Prior to the COVID lockdown we were testing more and more cloud deployments. The lockdown seems to have caused a large increase in the number of cloud migrations, probably migrations which were planned but have now been rushed forward. Based on this cloud migration a common conversation we have with clients is this; ‘we don’t […]

Cyber Security and IOT Devices

In this video, Neil Richardson talks about smart devices of all shapes and sizes. To keep up to date on cybersecurity and Samurai news, subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the button below.

Neil Richardson

Neil has worked as an academic teaching web application, mobile and infrastructure penetration testing for 7 years before co-founding Samurai. Since then he has spent the last 3 years practising what he preaches, using the bleeding edge testing techniques he had been demonstrating through academic research, and applying them with stunning effect in industry. In […]