6 Great Security Software Choices

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In our last blog, we were urging you to get some form of security software to prepare for any possible cyber attacks. Here are our most recommended products and their features.

Avast UltimateThis software comes with a lot of worthwhile products (Wi-Fi Inspector and Ransomeware Shield just to name a couple) so it’s a well-equipped suite. If you like customisation, this suite is highly recommended due to its abundance of custom options. This suite, also, comes with a VPN (or a Virtual Private Network) which assures you the easiest time when browsing online.There have been some issues concerning a computer’s performance after having installed this suite and there are some ads from Avast in this paid product, which you would think is out of the question.
Bitdefender Total SecurityThis comes with a ton of features for a 30-day trial period (which doesn’t need your card details) and it has brilliant web-surfing protection to block fishy URLs.Like Avast, there are some issues concerning PC performance after installing the software. Depending on your system, you may notice nothing at all.
Kaspersky Total SecurityIn the Kaspersky catalogue, this is definitely the best value for money with fast and accurate virus scans. And, for parents, there’s a great controls to keep your kids safe online.That being said, some of the additional tools that this comes with are a little rough around the edges but, for the price, you can’t do much better.
Norton 360 DeluxeThis is the best Norton tool when your looking to protect more than one device as you’re getting more bang for your buck. There’s webcam protection, VPN and parental controls, oh my! So you are getting a lot for your money.There’s only one catch; there isn’t a trial version for you to use first to see what you’re getting but, take it from us, you’re getting a good deal on this package.
Trend Micro Maximum SecurityThough maybe it looks a little on the dated side, you’re getting a lot for your money here. Anti-ransomeware, password managers and URL filters are all on the menu today and all on a nice, palatable interface.For veteran cybersecurity geeks, customisation may be very important as you’re looking to have a particular setup. Unfortunately, Trend may have its settings a little too narrow for you.
Webroot Internet Security PlusThis will take up very little memory and it’s scanning times are extremely quick due to this. The whole suite also includes a 70-day money-back offer, which is always useful.Unfortunately, the antivirus may be a little outdated so this part of the collection has raised the most suspicion about the suite.

There’s a lot more out there and it’s always good to do your own research than to trust a single sight so go out onto the web and see whet gems you can find. This software will probably be your first line of defence so it’s best to choose well, first time round!

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