404:Cybersecurity not found – Episode 4

This week Neil, David and Jay discuss whether teleconferencing tools require end-to-end encryption. The NCA bust via compromising EncroChat, before reopening the whole security vs privacy debate.

Jitsi Meet – The VC App to Rule Them All?

Following the theme of video conferencing software, I’m taking a closer look at Jitsi. I previously talked about this software in a blog, about a month ago. Yet, due to a sudden surge in popularity, I’ve been urged to talk about it in further detail. You know the drill! Pull on your protective suits because […]

Video Conferencing 2: Digital Boogaloo

Video Conferencing App

Good morning or afternoon, all. It’s a wonderful day in quarantine. The skies are blue, the birds are singing and the grass is all green for the summer. Unfortunately, none of us can go outside to enjoy it. Thankfully, though you’ve all been interacting with us on social media so we’re back with another video […]