The Presidential Cam-pain: So This is Triller

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Have you ever wanted to see Donald Trump do a TikTok?

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen however he has done videos on Triller (which is apparently a thing that exists) and his first video has gained 6.1 million views. The biggest kicker? He calls himself a “professional in technology” and that “nobody can do it like [him]”. They sure can’t, Don. They sure can’t.

We all know of the US’s beef with China and how they’re concerned about the security of their data in the hands of the Chinese government (even if that’s what they’re doing). This resulted in Trump wanting to ban TikTok, due to it originating in China, much like India did, two months ago. Trump has, also, targeted another China-based social app, WeChat.

TikTok, obviously, denies Trump’s claims, stating that no international user data is stored in China. That being said, Microsoft is trying to buy part of the company while Trump has published four Triller videos.

So what is Triller? Well, it’s a New York-based TikTok competitor‚Ķor TikTok was a Triller competitor would be more accurate as TikTok was launched a year later. Despite the time difference, TikTok has been downloaded 2 billion times whereas Triller has been downloaded 250 million times. On top of Triller, there are also Byte and Facebook’s Reels to compete with TikTok.

The saddest thing? None of them are going to name themselves after a boppin’ Ke$ha song.

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