Penetration Tests vs. Vulnerability Assessments

When shopping for security for your networks, several web application terms get thrown around. Due to this, non-technical people such as CEO’s and management may not understand these terms and may make the wrong purchase. When thinking about your digital security, you may think that by having an anti-virus system, a top-end firewall or even […]

Our Guide to Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing — or pen testing — is a cybersecurity measure used to assess a range of digital systems, applications and networks. Imitating the movements of a hacker, a penetration tester will try to work their way around your system’s security. Penetration testing should be conducted in an ethical manner, keeping legitimate business security at the forefront. Do I […]

Penetration Testing in the Cloud

Prior to the COVID lockdown we were testing more and more cloud deployments. The lockdown seems to have caused a large increase in the number of cloud migrations, probably migrations which were planned but have now been rushed forward. Based on this cloud migration a common conversation we have with clients is this; ‘we don’t […]

Penetration Testing: An Idiots’ Guide

Having only been introduced to the cybersecurity scene in February, this year, I was in over my head, surrounded by high-tech megaminds and smart-talking eggheads. Obviously, Samurai have their own penetration testing service so all of this information is well-known. Being thrust into such a company was relatively difficult for me, being nineteen and only […]