Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Why should you do a risk assessment in the first place?  When we are approached about cybersecurity and someone asks what the first steps should be, the response is always the same; start with a risk assessment. Everyone should have a cybersecurity budget to work with. In most cases, you would be working with a […]

404: Ep. 21 – Tales from the Crypt

When you do not remain secure online, you put everyone in your organisation at risk! Cybersecurity should not be about ‘box-ticking’. You can get the certification, but compliance does not equal security. And we can run all the penetration tests and cybersecurity reviews, but it is also important to implement the advice that follows. Unfortunately, […]

Tales from the Crypt

https://youtu.be/Hbs2Y3uaUfU We have a few fascinating stories from the trenches for you today as we delve into our crypt of memories! We do a lot of penetration testing and cybersecurity reviews at Samurai, and, unfortunately, people ignore our advice. This is quite strange when you consider the fact that we are paid to dispense information. And to […]

The Problem with SMS

problem with sms

SMS has been around since 1992. It is a very familiar and convenient technology to use, so it is easy not to understand the dangers it may present from a cybersecurity perspective. Vodafone created the first text message in 1992, and sadly, it has not progressed much in terms of how it works since then.  […]

404: Ep. 19 – Hacking the Brain

Brain Hacking

Hacking of the brain occurs when the particular way in which we act and think is intentionally taken advantage of. Dr David Day is really making us think as he introduces the topic of brain hacking and how vulnerable we are to information sources around us.

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Brain-computer interfaces

This subject has caught many people’s attention, especially since Elon Musk created Neuralink and started talking about it. As we unpack this topic, it is crucial that we also look at the cybersecurity implications.  We have approximately 86 billion neurons in our brains, and each neuron consists of dendrites, somas, and axons. The dendrite processes information coming in, and the soma joins […]

Work from Home Cybersecurity Risks

Work from home cybersecurity threats

https://youtu.be/kndeE6NjNk4   The pandemic has caused a seismic shift in our daily lives. It has upended everything as we know it! Since it has become customary to be working from our kitchen tables, we need to explore the cybersecurity consequences of remote and home working.   Why should we be worried?  We are suddenly in a situation where employees […]