404:Cybersecurity not found – Episode 4

This week Neil, David and Jay discuss whether teleconferencing tools require end-to-end encryption. The NCA bust via compromising EncroChat, before reopening the whole security vs privacy debate.

“Ekans, I Choose You!”

A ransomware attack (bearing the mark of EKANS) on The Enel Group was detected, on the 7th June. First, who are the Enel Group? Well, the Enel Group is a multinational company that specialises in electricity generation as well as the distribution of electricity and natural gas. It has its roots in Rome and was […]

Honda Hit with a Horrible Hack

“Honda can confirm that a cyber-attack has taken place on the Honda network.” This is the statement that Honda released. They continued to explain that the problem is affecting their access to computers, email and other internal systems. But it seems that the damage is not just being dealt to the Japanese branches. The company, […]

AI in cybersecurity, 3 contrasting views

I wrote the final section in this article on how AI can be used by the bad guys against cybersecurity. It contrasts with 2 more positive views of how AI is helping us as cybersecurity practitioners by the co-authors. And in a less squint your eyes format, here is my bit …. You have now […]

Covid19 – Home Office Health Check Support

What is a Home Office Health Check (HOHC)? Our HOHCs (Home Office Health Checks), or IT health checks, are designed to detect and advise on any security issues you may have with your home office setup. Why are we Introducing the Home Office Health Check (HOHC)? The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of people to […]

Coronavirus, Remote Working, and Your Company

Here are the current numbers for how many cases of Coronavirus have affected the UK. As the virus spreads, more and more people are being motivated to self-isolate, which results in more people working from home. However, because your company is safer from Coronavirus, it can mean a massive decrease in cybersecurity, endangering your company’s […]

Cyber Security and IOT Devices

In this video, Neil Richardson talks about smart devices of all shapes and sizes. To keep up to date on cybersecurity and Samurai news, subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the button below.

Media Montage of Dr. David Day

DR David Day talks on the BBC and ITV about hackers, security breaches and repeated passwords. A complete guide to cybersecurity expert Doctor David Day’s news coverage, filmed over the course of his career. To keep up to date on cybersecurity and Samurai news, subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the button below.