The UK Track ‘n’ Trace App: Where is it?

About a month ago, I looked into the trace and tracking app that was going through trials on the Isle of Wight, explaining the dangers of it and why it would ultimately be a bad idea. Well, it’s back again. A reviewed version of the app was supposed to go into trial on Tuesday but […]

The Office: The Death of Water-Cooler Chatter?

Another day, another blog post from your favourite samurais. Today, another blog post about working away from the office. The last time we talked about working from home, it was working remotely without trust issues, back in March. Oh, how things have changed since then. Well, from the age of eighteen, when I graduated from […]

Possible Dangers of a Contact-Tracing App

Yesterday, the first UK contact-tracing app was introduced via the COVID-19 review. The app will be undergoing a trial run, on the Isle of Wight. Council staff and healthcare workers have been invited to install it today, ahead of a wider release across the island, on Thursday. Though this is the case, many concerns have […]

Tips to Working Remotely without Trust Issues

Computer on Desk

At an ungodly hour this morning, the Telegraph released an article on the newly enforced isolation rules for the UK. People are only able to leave their house on very specific grounds, these include shopping for necessities, daily exercise, a medical need or traveling to and from work if it cannot be done from home. […]

Covid19 – Home Office Health Check Support

What is a Home Office Health Check (HOHC)? Our HOHCs (Home Office Health Checks), or IT health checks, are designed to detect and advise on any security issues you may have with your home office setup. Why are we Introducing the Home Office Health Check (HOHC)? The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of people to […]