Clipboard Kleptomania

On the 8th of July, a couple of iPhone apps were caught copying the contents of phone clipboards and keyboard presses. According to a blog post, LinkedIn had been copying clipboard content from iOS devices with every keystroke. LinkedIn is copying the contents of your clipboard. This huge invasion of privacy was discovered using a […]

404: Ep.9 – Sliding into your DMs

David, Luke and Jay discuss the idiocy that is the big tech congressional hearings with Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. What was the point? We suspect very little. Next we give a view on the latest news re: Garmin’s handling of the wasted locker ransomware. On a scale on 1 to 10 with 10 being […]

Notable Moments in the Tech Hearing

So, we all know that the likes of Facebook and other social media giants are…less than trustworthy at this point. As officials are finally realising this, the heads of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google owner Alphabet appeared before US lawmakers, on Wednesday, to defend their companies against claims that they abuse their power. Here’s a […]