Are you secure?
7 steps to cyber security

Seven steps of security

Click on each section below to produce a list of questions. Each section has a traffic light system which gives you a high-level understanding of your security risks.

You can use this tool to diagnose the potential issues in your organization and give you a plan of action on how to be secure. 

Discover your vulnerabilities

Performing a gap analysis to detect holes in your security gives you understanding of where you are now, and where you want to be.

It’s process of identifying, analysing and evaluating risk. Without a risk management plan, implementing measures to protect yourself from a malicious event could be ineffective.

We diagnose what the principal risks to your business are, prioritising your activities around maximising impact & limiting resource usage.

Coming out of a risk assessment gives you a plan of action that allows you to make your company safer against a potential cyber security breach.

On-site risk assessment

Half day
£ 249
  • Full spectrum diagnostic process
  • Consultative approach
  • Gap analysis report
  • Security roadmap

Why Samurai?

We have a wealth of experience across multiple cyber security disciplines. Each member of our diverse team has a distinct set of skills, ranging from cloud penetration to GDPR regulations. When we combine our skill sets, we achieve a synergy of services that covers all areas of security. 

We operate in a landscape that doesn’t stay still for long. We keep on top of industry developments and new technologies, regularly working with the NCA to find out what the latest threats are. It’s a matter of prediction, looking at trends and understanding what the future problems are likely to be.