Security by design
Our specialities

Cyber Security as a Service

Extend the ability of your existing IT infrastructure and stay agile in a changing threat landscape. We don’t productise security services, we build unique plans that solve business problems.

Cloud penetration testing

A cloud environment can be configured poorly, which puts the applications themselves at risk. To ensure your cloud implementation is secure, we don’t just test the underlying infrastructure or how applications are configured and built, we focus on how each application performs and communicates in whilst operating in tandem.

Mobile application testing

Applications aren’t usually as robust in their methods of protection, yet they often harvest the most user data; it’s imperative that mobile applications are tested against hacking because losing sensitive user data is a fast track way to land large fines for any business.

Secure coding review

Many systems breaches occur as a result of errors that exist in the coding of websites, software and applications. These errors act like tiny holes in perimeter fences. Attackers look out for these coding vulnerabilities and then exploit them to gain access to your systems.

Cyber compliance

Your existing and prospective clients, partners and suppliers may require you to demonstrate that you are protecting their data assets appropriately. Not having security compliance controls in place can be a serious barrier to business.

CREST Training

This course leads to the CREST Registered Tester (CRT) examination, which is recognised by the NCSC and is designed to assess the ability to carry out basic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tasks.