New Team Member Gained! Meet Brad Thomas

We are proud to announce another new member to join our team. A huge welcome to Brad Thomas as our Head of Business Development. Starting his career in a consulting background, he helped companies in the technology sector iron out the creases in their acquisition & retention strategy. He has now moved into an all-round […]

Is CREST Still Relevant?

What is CREST? The name CREST gets thrown around a lot in the cybersecurity industry and it’s important to know what it is before you consider it as a certification. CREST is one of the many ways to be certain that the cybersecurity team you’ve hired for your organisation are qualified, knowledgeable and skilled. CREST […]

Cybersecurity Awareness: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Identifying Threats Understand what threats can come from outside of your organisation. This may seem obvious but it’s important to understand these threats and not just be ware of them. It’s also important to understand what internal threats could jeopardise you. These can be caused by inappropriate usage of networks or a sheer lack […]

Thanks, Bezos: Video Doorbells Being Used by Police

Information, from two leaked documents, suggests that the FBI is concerned that some people may be using smart doorbells (such as the ever-popular Ring doorbells) to spy on the police. Said hacked documents describe a 2017 incident where someone under investigation remotely watched live footage of police preparing to serve a search warrant. This information […]

Red Team vs. Blue Team: A Non-Experts’ View

When talking about cybersecurity, the terms ‘red team’ and ‘blue team’ tend to surface. These terms are used to describe teams that use their skills to imitate the techniques that hackers might use (red) and other teams that use their skills to defend (blue). Today, I’m going to research and try and differentiate these teams […]

Clipboard Kleptomania

On the 8th of July, a couple of iPhone apps were caught copying the contents of phone clipboards and keyboard presses. According to a blog post, LinkedIn had been copying clipboard content from iOS devices with every keystroke. LinkedIn is copying the contents of your clipboard. This huge invasion of privacy was discovered using a […]

404: Ep.11 – An Uber Serious Hack

David, Luke, Kieran and Jay talk about the Uber hack that affected 57 million people and explain why paying the ransom for ransomware isn’t worth it.

New Team Member Gained! Meet Kieran Twidale-Smith

Yesterday, another Samurai signed on the dotted line so we now have a new colleague in our midst! Kieran, newly graduated from Cyber Security at Sheffield Hallam University. After working in retail and a placement in the NHS working in the IT Department, he has joined us at Samurai Security. In his spare time, he […]

The Presidential Cam-pain: So This is Triller

Have you ever wanted to see Donald Trump do a TikTok? Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen however he has done videos on Triller (which is apparently a thing that exists) and his first video has gained 6.1 million views. The biggest kicker? He calls himself a “professional in technology” and that “nobody can do […]