Hacker Meets Tracker

Dr David J Day meets Mustafa Al-Bassam ex black-hat hacker with the hacking fraternity Lulzsec.  David helped collect forensic evidence that led to his conviction.  This is the first time they have met.  This award nominated piece was presented by Susan Watts.

Hack the Track

Recently I was invited to deliver a talk at the Young Rail Professionals Forum at SNC Lavalin in Derby. I took this as a great opportunity to research the industry and fathom where the weaknesses exist, and what the worst-case rail scenarios for a cyber breach could be.  Most of my career has been spent […]

Large retail chain suffers breach

Hello all and welcome to our latest case study. This week I will be dissecting an incident response case on a high profile retail firm and discussing why poor email and user account management is causing us a terrible security headache. Recently we performed an incident response for a national chain retail client who had […]