404:Cybersecurity not found – episode 3

David, Neil, Jack and Luke talk about the  the Network and Information Systems Regulations (NIS). Is it a good idea, does it work, is it being implemented properly, and are the right people enforcing it? Is it broke? Can it fixed? This and more discussed! We talk about handling of marketing data, the telephone preference […]

404:Cybersecurity not found – episode 2

David, Neil and the team talk about self-certification, independent testing, and the governments backtracking on track’n’trace app. We also take on a guest question, “which vulnerability would you magically make disappear if you could?”. Also, I drink a beer, Neil feels ill and Jack’s tie is still in the background for undisclosed purposes.

AI in cybersecurity, 3 contrasting views

I wrote the final section in this article on how AI can be used by the bad guys against cybersecurity. It contrasts with 2 more positive views of how AI is helping us as cybersecurity practitioners by the co-authors. And in a less squint your eyes format, here is my bit …. You have now […]

Covid19 – Home Office Health Check Support

What is a Home Office Health Check (HOHC)? Our HOHCs (Home Office Health Checks), or IT health checks, are designed to detect and advise on any security issues you may have with your home office setup. Why are we Introducing the Home Office Health Check (HOHC)? The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions of people to […]

Why do we keep making the same mistakes?

Dr David Day discussing poor decision making and underestimating risk in cybersecurity. Delivered at Nottingham University under invitation from the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

Cyber Sales by FEAR!

Hi all, One of our clients recently approached us having received an email from a “Cyber Security” company.  The email informed them that they had been monitoring the dark web and had found 77 incidents of compromised material relating to their company and requesting they get in touch to find out what is.  Our client […]